What Makes you want the Role?

*To be totally transparent, I wrote this close to a year ago but it is ringing true on a lot of parallels in my life right now. And with the super blood wolf moon taking precedence in our minds this week - I mean, the name along begs for attention - I am reminded of all the things we need to release that are not serving us anymore. I have edited to reflect past and current thoughts.*

I have been doing an enormous amount of self-reflection, goal setting, career planning and trying to figure out how to do all of these things in perfect harmony from starting the search, to application, follow-up and fulfillment - post offer letter acceptance.

Something I have found since entering the job market in 2011, nothing is perfect, there is no seemingly easy or fool-proof way to get the job; especially the job of your dreams! For all of us liberal arts and sciences backgrounds or more ambiguous degrees, in the time and space we were earning our degree(s), we assumed we'd be opening up more opportunities for success after graduation which hasn't necessarily worked out the way we planned; as most things in life tend to happen this way. Then and now is a perfect time to remember to look forward, to view and appreciate the past but don't let it weigh you down. Acknowledge it and let is pass you by. Have the courage to face the unknown.

Making big changes in your life doesn’t have to mean moving across the country and starting over in your career so to speak, it could mean changing the way you think about how to get a/the job of your dreams. Opening yourself up to positive thought patterns and reaching towards the unknown with open arms and a welcoming embrace may be the key. (And trust me, I am still trying to do this and it most definitely is a work in progress for me as well!) But the main difference now, is how I feel about it and how I am consciously choosing to move onward in my search for career and inner-fulfillment.

The most crucial thing I have found so far is identifying why I actually want the job. What about the posting, the company, the career path do I really like and resonates with my morals and higher truth? What makes me excited even just thinking about working in this position? Can I list three reasons why I feel strongly about the position? Did I get tingles when reading the job description? This rarely happens but when it does, I pay attention and going forward I plan on tuning in and listening to that inner intuition.

Photo Courtesy of slowbeauty.com

A book I'm currently reading that I'm truly excited about is Slow Beauty by Shel Pink (interestingly enough, she's also a Michigan native). The book provides rituals and recipes to nourish the body and feed the soul (straight from the book's tagline). The book does so in an educational and welcoming way. And the rituals discussed are really just tools and resources to help create positive habits to keep ourselves happy and healthy. I am really enjoying the section that discusses Ashley Montagu's 27 basic human needs and have been using a few of these as personal mantras this week. t's been really helpful for me to keep positive affirmations on sticky notes around my home office.

The basic needs I have been following this week are: Work - reminding myself to do work that allows me the change to really get to know myself, Organization - reminding me that an organized mind is an enlightened mind and Playfulness - reminding me to keep in touch with my inner-child, a valuable need and state to be in, emotionally.

As the week and the month are coming to a close I am using these mantras to keep me grounded and positive.

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